IBSG provides its clients a variety of Services and Solutions right from Management Strategies to Outsourcing & Consulting. Our vast experience allows us to tackle any challenges and provide our Customers with a wide range of Services and Solutions. IBSG designs programs to improve our Client’s capabilities and help meet their goals and objectives.

The range of Services and Solutions we offer are in:

Management Consulting:

Our Strategy Practice supports Clients in several areas;

• Recognize High Impact trends.
• Discover Growth Opportunities.
• Strategic Growth Formula.
• Building effective business unit strategies.
• Redefining business strategy and portfolio management.
• Connecting with external stakeholders and Government agencies.

Managed Services:

IBSG helps its clients by managing day-to-day management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. IBSG provides an end-to-end solution including transition, operations and transformation of the IT estate. With the continuous business visibility provided by IBSG, IT Leaders can be sure that their business objectives are met despite underlying IT complexities and yet be able to create a future-ready IT landscape more responsive to business needs.

Staff Augmentation:

IBSG is also a full service human resources consulting firm. We specialize in providing clients with a continuum of resources to help them better manage their HR function. IBSG looks at a company's overall strategy and works to ensure that the HR strategy and all its components are carefully aligned. We view each of the HR functions as an integral part of a whole - each one affecting the functioning of the other and ultimately impacting the HR and Corporate Strategy.

• Recruitment
• Training & Development
• Benefits & Compensation
• Communications
• Employee Relations
• Record Keeping
• Health, Safety & Security

In addition to these key services, we also can assist you with an Interim / Contract HR need you may have, the development of specific HR Tools, as well as Career Coaching.

We STRATEGICALLY customize our services to meet your individual needs and don't believe in a one-size fits all approach. We work as an EXTENSION of your staff - enhancing the HR function as needed. IBSG, inc. can help make YOU successful in every phase of Human Resources – and that means continued success for your organization. Visit our Client page for a sample list, just a few of our SATISFIED clients.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

The dearth of resources is one of the most critical risks in business today, and when it comes to talent acquisition, efficient processes are just not enough. That’s why companies around the world are turning to a partner with both the proven capability and the vision to move business forward in times of change and opportunity.

As a talent advisor with deep expertise, world-class resources and a focus on innovation, we deliver value through all facets of recruiting, from establishing the vision to executing the strategy and achieving measurable results.

The RPO advantage

Scalability: an RPO model enables you to increase or decrease recruitment operations quickly and effectively to fit changing business needs.
Talent quality: Best-in-class resources and operations ensure that you secure the right talent to support your goals.
Cost control: A focused recruiting process provides visibility and control over resources and spend.
Data and intelligence: We can apply leading technology solutions to capture data and deliver intelligence for more informed, actionable workforce management strategies.

Gamut of RPO Services

End-to-end RPO: Management of the entire recruiting process.
Project RPO: Management of the entire recruiting process, with short-term goals.
Selective RPO: Management of distinct recruiting processes within your organization.
Recruiter-on-demand: Provision of trained recruiters, equipped with our technology to supplement your team.